Uniting people, places and principles

Brittany Ferries stimulates intermodal transport, offering the freight haulage business a real alternative to the road-only route by establishing a reliable, year-round network of motorways of the seas, linking France, Great Britain, Ireland Spain and Portugal.

With a fleet of 10 modern, constantly renewed ships, our company has become a major player in the European ferry industry.

In recent years, we have increased the frequency of our services between Great Britain and Spain– we now offer a daily departure in each direction– completing our network of Motorways of the seas serving the Atlantic Arc.

Brittany Ferries sees itself as an ambassador of French excellence in Europe, uniting people, places and principles, every day.

Tourism benefits of Brittany Ferries visitors by destination

Significant input to French touristic economy

Brittany Ferries' routes, serving France, Great-Britain, Ireland and the Iberian Peninsula, are contributing to the development of Western Europe.

By encouraging the flows of passengers in their cars from the Channel ports to the French regions, a significant input to touristic economy of France is made.

Brittany Ferries’ passengers benefit the French regions:


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