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Brittany Ferries was born in 1973 thanks to the vision and determination of a group of farming cooperatives. To this day, the Company draws its values from its farming and maritime heritage– a unique realm suspended between shore and sea.

For Brittany Ferries, a business builds its success and strength by following an all-encompassing, ethical approach: respecting man, the environment, and the regions it serves.

The company is a key player in responsibly creating lasting growth and development in the regions. It symbolises a living, forward-facing heritage – open to Europe, and a source of equitable wealth.

The company’s research and development engineers are actively researching means to optimise its ships’ propulsion and energy generating systems. Its latest generation ships are faster, more powerful, and cleaner – complying with Clean Sea standards, and producing at least 10% less CO2 than earlier ships.

Brittany Ferries works closely with several international research projects, investigating in particular in the marine environment. Armorique and Pont-Aven are fitted with sophisticated sensors which collect sea-water measurements in real time. And it works in partnership with organisations such as Océanopolis, Roscoff Biological Station, and ORCA – a British charity working to protect whales, dolphins and other marine life.


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