Brittany Ferries is an acknowledged leader in the transport of freight on the Western Channel and on route to Northern Spain. The Company was born forty years ago out of a simple wish to open up Brittany and to carry the Region’s agricultural produce overseas. Our routes are quick and reliable, saving on road costs and miles of driving.  In 2007 Brittany Ferries opened a new route between Great Britain and Spain, linking the ports of Poole and Santander. The route is recognised by the European Commission as a catalyst for the development of intermodal transport.

The best mile-saving choice for hauliers

By using Brittany Ferries services, hauliers can save time and miles – a logical, cost-conscious choice.
These routes operate year-round, and can be considered as extensions of the European road network, directly linking several economic hubs.
Our state-of-the-art vessels operate on the widest choice of routes and between the greatest number of ports offered by a ferry company.

Efficiency guaranteed - for all type of transportation

Brittany Ferries guarantees safe transportation for all type of goods:
- Live animals
- Refrigerated goods
- Unaccompanied freight
- Hazardous cargoes
- Abnormal loads and long vehicles

A service for everyone

Our company has built a strong reputation amongst freight drivers for the quality of its restaurants, rest areas and accommodation.

Freight Outlook

Brittany Ferries began life as a freight company in 1973, exploiting the trade opportunities that came with the UK’s entry into the EEC. This route was initially opened as a two-year experiment, firstly with Connemara and subsequently with Kerry. Following extensive market research and consultation with hauliers, the Rosslare-Bilbao route proved to be better adapted to the requirements of freight businesses. This route has been operating since February 2020 with two round trips per week. The Irish port of Rosslare offers more space for freight vehicles, and benefits from fast road links to Dublin and along the east coast of Ireland. Bilbao in Spain is already an active freight hub, closer to the industrial centres of Northern Spain and Southern France. It also has a secure area to ensure the safe storage of unaccompanied trailers. The link also takes advantage of existing infrastructure in Rosslare and Bilbao.

A quality service for passengers

Each year, Brittany Ferries welcomes 2,63 milions passengers. The ships are modern– three were built in the last six years alone, predominantly to serve our passengers’ transportation needs. Brittany Ferries’ absolute priorities are service, comfort, and safety – and freedom. The freedom to travel on foot or as a passenger with reduced mobility, as a biker, a car driver, with a motorhome, alone or with the family, as a couple, with friends, even with pets.

Comfort guaranteed by a 100% French crew

Each year Brittany Ferries’ passengers altogether spend over a million overnight stays onboard its ships – a hotel capacity equivalent to the towns of Rennes and Caen combined. The French crew – entirely bilingual – pays continuous attention to the needs and the comfort of their passengers. The cabins offer a private space, providing comfort by day or night – and all-important peace and relaxation.

Activities for everyone

On board Brittany Ferries’ ships, passengers of all ages enjoy a range of activities and entertainment. The lounges invite passengers to relax, to read or simply to take in the passing seascapes. The bars offer intimate piano entertainment or perhaps something more lively, and passengers can enjoy a wide range of refreshments – including the all-important cup of tea. Little ones can burn off energy in the playrooms, and creative workshops are laid on, and for teenagers have their very own video games rooms. Cinemas, shows, cabaret, and musical shows provide evening diversions. And finally, those who can’t resist a good shopping opportunity can enjoy fashionable boutiques with advantageous prices on a wide range of perfumes, wines and spirits. All ships are also equipped with free Wi-Fi.


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