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Brittany Ferries was formed in 1973 in a bid to help open up and connect the region of Brittany. Over the years, the company has created links between a growing number of ports and regions, interweaving the Atlantic Arc with a unique and effective network of motorways of the seas.

Our company actively contributes to the harmonious and durable growth of the French regions. Western France is the primary beneficiary of the economic inflows brought by Brittany Ferries’ customers staying there. Brittany Ferries directly employs 2,500 people, and indirectly generates 4,500 jobs. 81% of the company’s purchases, provisioning and maintenance operations benefit Brittany, Normandy, Pays de la Loire and Ile de France.

Brittany Ferries employs directly 2,500 workers and indirectly supports 4,500 jobs. 81% of its purchases, storing and maintenance operations benefit Brittany, Normandy, The Pays de Loire and Ile de France.

Motorways of the Atlantic Arc


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    As travel restrictions persist, Brittany Ferries extends suspension of some services
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    Brittany Ferrries introduces three new freight-only services from Ireland to France
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    Go west to take unaccompanied freight by sea, says Brittany Ferries
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