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Looking after our passengers throughout their journey...

“I’ve always been passionate about the hotel business, and customer-facing roles, so I was happy to set foot in the company in 1993. My first job was as a reception hostess, following which I was promoted to head receptionist. I carried out this role onboard the Plymouth – Santander route until 2005. Then the company opened a new service from Portsmouth to Caen and Cherbourg operated by a high speed vessel. I jumped at this fresh challenge. I passed an internal exam which allowed me to become chef de cabine on the new fastcraft. Working under the purser, I’m responsible for a team of stewards and we work closely together to offer our customers a warm welcome, and the highest levels of wellbeing, comfort and safety. This particular ship carries up to 800 passengers on each crossing, who require special care and attention. Looking after them throughout their journey with us gives me immense job satisfaction.”
Anne / Chef de cabine

Provide a feast for a floating town

“Two passions have always accompanied me: cooking and the sea. So, after 20 years I decided to leave the realm of classical restaurants ashore, and to cast off on a new journey – a new life. Our mission is to provide a feast for a floating town – that’s our mission. And it’s my passion.”
Patrice / Responsable Restauration

All in the same boat

“During my hotel training, I met a friend who already had a foot in the door at Brittany Ferries. It was really through him that I discovered the world of floating hotels. 7 days at sea, 7 days ashore – we really do get the most out of life. Working for Brittany Ferries is a unique experience. I joined as a waiter in the 90s. Later I received a promotion to restaurant head waiter, then I passed the internal examinations allowing me to work as restaurant manager and hotel manager. Today, I’m in the job of purser. On board a ship, the purser is responsible for everything related to the hotel services on board – you can compare him to the manager of a hotel ashore. I’m happy to have enjoyed so many opportunities to progress my career, and to occupy a position of such responsibility.”
Jacques / Commissaire

Orchestrating boarding and disembarkation

I began my career as a shore agent, and by means of the internal promotion system, I was able to rise through the ranks to the position of assistant duty manager – today I’m a duty manager. Our working pattern is based around the arrivals and departures of the ships. My job is to motivate the shore-based teams who serve our passengers, and to manage the boarding and disembarkation procedures –all the while paying special attention to Brittany Ferries’ exacting standards and customer service levels. We work closely with the chief officer and his crew to make sure that the ship leaves on time. We take calls from customers and advise them on their travel plans, always with a view to ensuring their satisfaction, as well as trying to increase sales. I also welcome and train new seasonal shore staff – familiarising them with all our products and services, as well as the company’s safety standards. There are my duties in a few words.”
Véronique / Chef d’escale


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