Our people

A combination of expertise; a commitment to excellence

Brittany Ferries’ 2,500 employees– including 1,700 serving on board its ships– expertly carry out a range of specialist roles in order to attain and uphold the very highest standards of safety and quality which the company has established.

Brittany Ferries operates in international markets, sailing between different countries. It makes use of sophisticated industrial and commercial means, and must comply with rigorous safety standards. It evolves in harmony with the latest consumer trends and means of communication. In short, the company must deal with complex demands, for which it relies on many experts specialising in various domains.

Rigourous training is our priority

We aim to offer our passengers the very highest level of service, and to achieve this we implement rigorous training throughout the business for each position.


By forging partnerships with outside experts – for example, regional councils, tourism bodies, legal and financial experts, architects, and advertising agencies – we create synergies which serve our shared ambitions and talents.

Ability, cooperation and excellence are essential attributes for reaching the highest levels of service.

Employees in 2017

Brittany Ferries is the biggest employer of French mariners


  • 17
    As travel restrictions persist, Brittany Ferries extends suspension of some services
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  • 02
    Brittany Ferrries introduces three new freight-only services from Ireland to France
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  • 28
    Go west to take unaccompanied freight by sea, says Brittany Ferries
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Our People

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