Daily Commitment to Research & Development

The protection of our environment is a governing value in our development approach. Brittany Ferries is firmly committed to a green future.


We don’t dump waste at sea
Waste produced on board our ships is sorted, taken ashore, and recycled at specialist waste treatment plants.

We produce our own fresh water
Because fresh water is such a rare and precious commodity, most of our ships are equipped with fresh water production plants which take sea water, heat it, and desalinise it. This helps lessen the overall ecological impact of our operations.

We coat our ships with environmentally friendly paints
In 2007 we began investigating the effectiveness of biocide-free paints. Since then, we’ve progressively used these paints to coat our ships’ hulls. This complements our use of lead-free paints, which we began using in 2008 – before legislation required.

“Clean Sea” ships
Since the beginning of the millennium, Brittany Ferries has invested in ships which comply with with the latest Clean Sea certification standards. Faster, more powerful, yet greener, the latest generation of vessels produces 10% less CO2. The company’s research and development engineers are actively pursuing means of optimising its ships’ propulsion systems in an effort to reduce energy consumption.


We’re optimizing our ships’ journeys
We’re currently trialling software which allows us to optimise our ships’ routes – taking into account currents and weather. This will allow us to minimise our ships’ fuel consumption and emissions. The recent opening of certain Breton sea channels to shipping helps not only to improve passengers’ comfort and safety, it also considerably reduces the distance our ships travel when sailing between the UK and Spain.

We’re researching the use of ship-to-shore electrical connections
Since 2010, Brittany Ferries has been looking into solutions allowing ships to draw their electrical power from shore side connections whilst in port. If implemented, this technology will negate the need for the use of ship-based generators, reducing emissions.


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